Royal Inscription on an Agate Bead
This beautifully preserved agate bead bears a royal inscription of the King Ibbi-Suen of the Third Dynasty of Ur. The inscription is dedicated to the moon god, Nanna, whose name appears in the first line and is preceded by the divine determinative. (Source)
Ur III, c. 2100-2000 BCE.
Louvre Museum. Image from CDLI.

THE NAM-SHUB OF ENKISumerian cuneiform"It is two things: it is a story of linguistic disintegration, and it is an incantation which supposedly causes linguistic disintegration. To hear the tale is to lose the power of understanding speech."

If you like spectacular title pages, this one from Anastasius Kircher’s Ars magna Lucis et Umbrae will be right up your alley.  It is incredibly rich in symbolic detail.  We can see the Hapsburg double headed eagle just to the left of the portrait of Emperor Ferdinand III, the god Mercury holding his staff, peacocks - a common symbol in alchemy - and several mirrors reflecting rays of light.
What do you notice?  

Stirrup-spouted Bottle, Nazca culture, Peru, 450-650 CE. 

Wilhelm Sasnal artist from Poland, Shoah (Translator), 2003Contemporary-Art-Blog

Orazio Riminaldi (1586–1631)
Icarus, detail